IMRC to Offer Summer/Fall Workshop Series

The Innovative Media, Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center at the University of Maine is offering a new workshop series using the various technology available at the center.

The IMRC Center serves as a technology and start-up incubator for local communities by providing training and access to cutting-edge technology.

Summer/fall workshops include:

Wooden Automata — Blending Old and New Technologies

Familiarize yourself with the tools and techniques used in making wooden, hand-cranked automata with both new and old forms of technology. Create automata with IMRC fabrication equipment, including the laser cutter, 3-D printer and wood shop.

Designing with a Laser Cutter

Learn how to use vector design software such as Adobe Illustrator to print/cut with a laser cutter and get hands-on experience with the center’s Universal Laser System.

Apple Products Professional

Learn professional user techniques on a variety of Apple software platforms.  Three workshops — one per day — will focus on Mac fundamentals, iPad/iPhone fundamentals and iBooks Author.

From 3-D Scanning to 3-D Printing

Learn how to 3-D scan an object or person with a variety of techniques, then 3-D print it on one of the center’s 3-D printing systems.

CNC Design, Setup and Machining

Learn to create 2.5 and 3-D designs in Aspire V8 to then send to the CNC machine for cutting. Learn to understand how to delineate speeds and feeds for basic CNC machining on the ShopSabre 4896.

A full list of workshops, including dates, times, fees and registration information, is online.