Mitchell quoted in Morning Sentinel report on Skowhegan school mascot

John Bear Mitchell, Wabanaki Center Outreach and Student Development Coordinator at the University of Maine and University of Maine System Native American Waiver Coordinator, was quoted in a Morning Sentinel article about Wabanaki representatives planning to protest the American Indian sports mascot of Skowhegan schools. A rally representing the four tribes of Maine’s Wabanaki federation is planned for Aug. 6 during Moonlight Madness, part of Skowhegan’s annual six-day River Fest, according to the article. Mitchell said the demonstration will be a learning and teaching opportunity. “Any kind of social awareness is beneficial to the message, and the message in this case is to end a very negative imagery associated with the word ‘Indian,’” Mitchell said. “When it comes to mascots, we would like to have the final say as to whether or not it’s OK that our imagery be played with. The school district should really be utilizing students in trying to find a more appropriate name that honors the history of that town and the surrounding towns.”