Lexicon of sustainability exhibit now in Brewer

The next Lexicon of Sustainability pop-up art show, sponsored by the University of Maine Office of Sustainability, is on display at Tiller & Rye, 20 South Main St., Brewer.

The exhibition, part of a national effort, is designed to spur community dialogue to help strengthen local food systems. Most recently, it was on display as part of the Bangor Artwalk.

The Lexicon of Sustainability, founded in 2009 by farmers and filmmakers Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton, focuses on sharing stories that explain sustainability. Lexicon uses information artworks, pop-up shows, street art, short films series and other formats to educate and engage people to pay closer attention to how they eat, what they buy and where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system in America. Nearly 200 leaders in food and farming from across the country have shared their experiences as part of Lexicon of Sustainability.

Annually, Lexicon offers 100 artwork sets to curators. The UMaine Office of Sustainability and the other 2015 curators each will organize at least five pop-up art shows that involve local communities, then will act as lending libraries to schools and community groups.

At UMaine, the Sustainability Office is collaborating in its shows with the Humanities Center and the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center (IMRC).