Advanced Structures and Composites Center, Lopez-Anido Cited in Mainebiz Article

Mainebiz mentioned the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center in an article about Brunswick-based Harbor Technologies Inc. which creates hybrid composite beams for bridge construction. The company works with research facilities including the UMaine Composites Center for testing, according to the article. Roberto Lopez-Anido, a civil engineering professor at UMaine, said he has seen the lab grow from nothing when he first arrived on campus 17 years ago to a world-class accredited testing facility whose industry clients range from Fortune 500 companies to startup firms developing innovative products and processes, the article states. Lopez-Anido said the center provides a valuable service to Harbor Technologies and other Maine composites companies. “Our mission is to support industry in this region, to help them get products into the market,” he said. “We’re also training students to get proficient in working with these products so that they have the skills to work at these Maine companies after they graduate.”