BDN Advances Talks by Combat Trauma Psychologist

The Bangor Daily News reported Dr. Jonathan Shay, a nationally recognized psychologist and author of two popular books on combat trauma and the trials of homecoming for veterans and their families, will give two public addresses at the University of Maine on May 13. Shay will speak to the fifth annual Conference of the Maine Military & Community Network at 9 a.m. on, “Psychology and Moral Injury in War.” He also will give a 6 p.m. keynote address, “Combat Trauma and the Trials of Coming Home.” Both are in Wells Conference Center on campus. “PTSD is not a bad description … [for] the very valid adaptations that occur when people were trying to take your life,” Shay said. “When those leak into life — that is PTSD. It’s not a fear syndrome … it’s a danger adaptation.”