BDN Interviews Markowsky About Maine’s Tech Industry Future

George Markowsky, a computer science professor at the University of Maine, was interviewed for a Bangor Daily News article about the Maine Game Club, a group of 20 students from different area high schools who are interested in digital art and programming. The club aims to educate young programmers and inspire the next generation who could bring tech into the forefront of Maine’s culture and economy, according to the article. Markowsky said it’s important for young students to realize the culture of the tech industry is changing and while Maine may not be home to massive programming campuses “a significant number” of people who live in Maine telecommute. “It isn’t that tech doesn’t happen in Maine, it just hasn’t been realized,” he said. Markowsky also cited Maine’s laptop program as an example of the state helping students pursue computer science. “We need to think about things we can do to keep our young people involved in the cutting edge of technology,” he said. “The more we can do to prepare them for the future, the better.”