Seymour Quoted in Free Press Article on Forestry, Overcutting

Robert Seymour, the Curtis Hutchins Professor of Forest Resources at the University of Maine, was quoted in the Free Press article, “Maine’s top forestry expert debunks the claim that it’s good forestry to overcut for 20 years.” Seymour stated his opposition to the ramped up cutting by Bureau of Parks and Lands that aims to raise money by cutting more wood than the forest can grow for the next 20 years, according to the article. Seymour, who has advised the bureau on how to effectively manage the public forests since its formation three decades ago, said there is no scientific reason to overcut. He called the argument to cut trees before they die from invasive insects hysteria and said the push to cut more wood would only raise money in the short term. “If you need to do this to make money, just say it,” he said.