Brewer Quoted in Press Herald Article on LePage’s Address, Budget

Mark Brewer, a political science professor at the University of Maine, spoke with the Portland Press Herald for an article about Gov. Paul LePage’s proposed budget and planned State of the State address. LePage is expected to outline his tax reform and budget proposals during the address and then take his message around the state to gain support among voters and lawmakers, according to the article. Brewer said often the best way to sway undecided legislators is to convince constituents to make the case. “I think it is even more important in this case because the governor’s budget, as proposed, is such a dramatic change from business as usual in Maine,” he said. “We are hearing from a lot of Republican legislators who are very uneasy about this budget … so he needs to go out and sell this proposal, and not only sell it to local leaders but sell it to regular Mainers.”