Milardo Speaks with BDN About Importance of Spending Time with Family

Robert Milardo, a professor of family relations at the University of Maine, was interviewed by the Bangor Daily News for the article, “Have a New Year’s goal? Focusing resolutions on family can help.” According to the article, family and relationship experts say spending more time with family may increase the likelihood of keeping resolutions all year. “I think the rituals of holidays, whatever they are, are really important for families,” Milardo said. “They offer an opportunity to establish family identities, which in many ways are unique to that family and are really important.” He said family traditions and activities, allow people to start talking about what they believe and get to know one another on a deeper level. “Spending time together or having meals together, meeting up more often, all of those things are really important to our overall health and well-being,” he said. Milardo also offered suggestions on how to set and keep New Year’s resolutions as a family, such as modeling positive goal setting and checking in often.