CCAR Mentioned in Coral Magazine Article

The University of Maine’s Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research in Franklin was mentioned in an article published in Coral: The Reef and Aquarium Magazine. The article focused on Sea & Reef Aquaculture, a company that is housed at CCAR and provides aquacultured tropical marine fishes to the saltwater aquarium trade. Soren Hansen, a Sea & Reef co-founder, spoke about how David Townsend, a UMaine professor of oceanography, was influential in getting the business off the ground by providing funding and an on-campus lab through the School of Marine Sciences. Townsend and Hansen said the relationship between UMaine and Sea & Reef is mutually beneficial. Stephen Eddy, a biologist at CCAR, also spoke about the facility’s mission of promoting, developing and facilitating aquaculture in Maine. “Sea & Reef is an excellent example of how aquaculture is far more than salmon net pens and oyster rafts,” Eddy said. “Sea & Reef broadens the perspective of many of our visitors by helping them recognize that, despite the bad things they may have heard about aquaculture, there is much more to the story.”