Faculty, Staff, Students Quoted in Bangor Metro Article on Online Classes

Henry Garfield, an adjunct professor in the University of Maine’s English Department, wrote an article for Bangor Metro about the evolution of online learning and today’s virtual classroom. Garfield quoted several UMaine community members, including Andrei Strukov, director of the Faculty Development Center; Gail Garthwait, an associate professor of instructional technology; Duane Shimmel, a faculty technology consultant; and Nate Swan, an undergraduate majoring in computer science. Garthwait said she thinks students work harder in online classes. “The work is out there for everyone to see, and nobody can hide in the back of the room,” she said. Swan said he can’t imagine taking a course like thermodynamics online. “Unless there’s a face-to-face media component, you don’t learn nearly as much in an online class,” he said.