BioMediaLab the Focus of Upcoming Promotional Video

The University of Maine BioMediaLab will be spotlighted in a promotional video filmed by one of the lab’s software providers.

The BioMediaLab, an advanced technology-centric science new media lab in Murray Hall, recently started using Wowza, a versatile media streaming server that efficiently allows students access to online course video, prompting Wowza Media Systems to film a promotional video that spotlights the lab’s work.

“Brian Ellis, Wowza’s customer success manager, contacted me about our purchase. He mentioned he received a B.S. in mechanical engineering in 2003 from UMaine and was interested in what the lab was doing with their software,” says BioMediaLab Director Ron Kozlowski. “(The marketing film) is a mutual thing; we’re both promoting each other.”

A cutting-edge technology environment, the BioMediaLab’s main focus is Synapse, a content learning management system. UMaine science faculty use the system to create a collaborative learning environment. Media such as videos, audio, slide shows, PDFs and other course material can be added to its courses. Wowza and Synapse allow easier streaming of video to numerous devices, no matter the file format.

Staffed by three full-time professionals, the lab services thousands of first- and second-year UMaine students across 24 courses.

“The purpose of the lab is to enhance research through technology,” says Kozlowski, a Synapse engineer and the BioMediaLab director for 10 years.