‘Making it in Maine’ Business Conference, Networking Event Advanced by BDN

The Bangor Daily News reported on the University of Maine Alumni Association’s half-day conference designed to bring Maine’s small-business owners and entrepreneurs together with UMaine faculty, economic development staff, business students and successful Maine business leaders to share ideas, strategies and techniques that promote growth. The Black Bear Business Conference “Making it in Maine: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology in the 21st Century” takes place Friday, April 25 at the Buchanan Alumni House on the UMaine campus. Susan Mullaney, UMaine Alumni Association director of communications, said the conference will allow alumni who are interested in opening a small business or patenting a product the opportunity to connect with the people and services who can help them move forward. She added the goal of the conference is to pull resources and expertise from various UMaine programs that can help Mainers bring small-business ideas to fruition.