New Campus Banners Celebrate UMaine’s Legacy and Land Grant Anniversary

In preparation for University of Maine Homecoming 2012, Oct. 19–21, and to welcome many members of the UMaine family back to campus, new campus banners are replacing worn banners throughout campus. The new banners celebrate UMaine’s legacy and anniversary as a major land grant university and are consistent with UMaine’s Blue Sky Project.

The banners also are part of this year’s national celebration of the 150th anniversary of the 1862 Morrill Act that laid the groundwork for the democratization of public higher education. Today, more than 100 land grant universities serve the nation and the world, and the land grant philosophy of learning, discovery and engagement has been widely emulated. UMaine is Maine’s only land grant university.

The banner design by UMaine’s Division of Marketing and Communications showcases the Blue Sky image. Stevens Hall is complemented by the iconic University of Maine logo and accompanied by the celebratory notation of 150 Years, with UMaine’s specific time frame, from 1865–2015.

“The university’s participation in the recognition of the Morrill Act this year serves as an appropriate beginning for celebration of our remarkable 150th anniversary in 2015,” says University of Maine President Paul W. Ferguson.