Ballistic Tent Panel Technology Patented, Commercialization Partner Licensed

Contact: Joe Carr at (207) 581-3571

ORONO — Innovative and newly-patented University of Maine composites materials technology is now under commercial development through a licensing agreement with a southern Maine manufacturing company.

Modular Ballistic Protection System (MBPS) technology, which was conceptualized, fabricated and tested at UMaine’s AEWC: Advanced Structures and Composites Center, provide protection for military personnel in combat situations.  A series of 4-by-8-foot composite panels, the systems are designed for quick and simple assembly inside tents.  Once in place, they provide blast protection for those inside the tents.

Tex Tech Industries, with facilities in Portland, Winthrop and North Monmouth, will produce the technology for the U.S. Army  Tex Tech and Army officials are in discussions about timing, quantity and other details related to commercializing the technology.

“With the patent and a commercialization partner in place, this technology is creating Maine jobs that will protect soldiers overseas,” says Prof. Habib Dagher, AEWC director.  “The army has expressed significant interest in using MBPS panels on a broad scale, creating potential for economic benefit here in Maine and increased safety for those serving our country in dangerous environments.”

Tex Tech, which was founded in Maine more than a century ago, develops and produces high-performance textiles for aerospace, ballistic protection, fire blocking and other applications.