Graduate Research Assistantship Openings

The Mitchell Center offers opportunities for students to experience a truly integrative learning experience. Students participate in collaborative research experiences with interdisciplinary faculty teams and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes for teams to work effectively. All faculty are committed to working towards integration and interdisciplinarity in order to transform our capacity for conducting sustainability science.

The focus on Knowledge to Action research opens up new connections between researchers and stakeholders. Building strong stakeholder relationships based on understanding and mutual respect is key to this process. Students interact with people from a wide cross-section of organizations including state and federal agencies, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations.

Research teams use Maine as a “laboratory” for the emerging field of sustainability science. While Maine faces some serious environmental challenges, its ecosystems generally have not reached crisis points, making Maine a valuable model system for exploring more proactive, cost-effective approaches to sustainable development. This “laboratory” provides students with a unique environment to learn skills that are highly transferable to other regions.