Postdoctoral Alumni

Eli Lazarus
Geography and Environmental Science
University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Damon Hall
Assistant Professor
School of Natural Resources and Dept. of Biomedical, Biological & Chemical Engineering
University of Missouri

Crista Straub
Social Scientist
Fort Collins Science Center, US Geological Survey

Krista Capps
Assistant Professor
Odum School of Ecology
University of Georgia

Christine Lamanna
Climate Change Decision Scientist
World Agroforestry Centre

Nirajan Dhakal
Assistant Professor
Spelman College, Atlanta, GA

Kelly Cole
Darling Marine Center
University of Maine

Graduate Alumni

Mussie Tekie Beyene, PhD
Dissertation (2017)

Brittany Cline, PhD
Dissertation (2014): Amphibians in Complex Landscapes: Quantifying Habitat Connectivity for Juvenile Movements and Dispersal
Postdoctoral Researcher, Saltmarsh Habitat and Avian Research Program, University of Delaware

Judy Colby-George, M.S.
Principal, Spatial Alternatives

Kara Costanza, M.S.
Thesis (2015): Growth Response of Fraxinus nigra Marsh (Lamiales: Oleaceae) Used to Predict High-Quality Sites in Maine and Northern New York: An Approach to Prioritizing Preparedness and Management of Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)
PhD student, School of Forest Resources, UMaine

Stacia Dreyer, PhD
Dissertation (May 2014): Acceptance of and Support for Environmental Policies
Assistant Research Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University

Emma Fox, M.S.
Dissertation (December 2016): Engaging through Valuation: Investigating Citizen Attitudes Impacting Program Support and Exploring Ecosystem Service Values in Stakeholder Engagement
Doctoral student, University of Maine

Alex Gray, M.S.
GEI Consultants, Portland, ME

Sandra Hughes Goff, PhD
Dissertation (2015): Effects of Market Attitudes and Economic Valuation Information on Sustainability Values and Behaviors: Evidence from Experimental Economics
Assistant Professor, Skidmore College, NY

Luke Groff, PhD
Dissertation (2016): The Habitat Ecology of Pool-Breeding Amphibians During All Annual Life History Periods in the Mountains of the Dawn
Nongame Wildlife Specialist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, Minnesota

Kristine Hoffman, PhD
Dissertation (2017): Breeding Ecology and Habitat Use of Unisexual Salamanders and their Sperm-Hosts, Blue-Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma laterale)
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Maine

Karen Hutchins Bieluch, PhD
Dissertation (Aug. 2013): Strengthening the Development of Community-University Partnerships in Sustainability Science Research
Practice Based Learning Specialist, Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College

Eileen Sylvan Johnson, PhD
Dissertation (2015): River Restoration: Institutions, Boundaries, and Social Ecological Dynamics
Lecturer, Environmental Studies, Bowdoin College

Michelle Johnson, PhD
Dissertation (2014): Engaging the Future with Land Use Scenarios
Interdisciplinary Scientist, NYC Urban Field Station, U.S. Forest Service

Kaci Fitzgibbon, M.S.
Dissertation (2017): Evaluating Potential for Water Quality Decline in Maine Lakes

Abigail Kaminski, M.S.
Dissertation (2016): Safety, Recreation, and Visitation: An economic analysis of decision-making on coastal beaches
Research Associate, George Perkins Marsh Institute, Clark University

Vanessa Levesque, PhD
Dissertation (2014): Advancing Conservation Efforts through Collaborative Development of Locally Tailored Policies
Assistant Director and Lecturer, University of New Hampshire

Elisabeth Maxwell, PhD
Dissertation (2017): Assessing Management Structure and Influencing Settlement of the Soft-Shell Clam (Mya arenaria) in Maine
Assistant Coordinator, UMaine Signs of the Seasons

Stephenie MacLagan, M.S.
Thesis (May 2014): Managing Natural Resources at the Intersection of Economy, Ecology and Policy
Economic Development Associate, Island Institute

Bridie McGreavy, PhD
Dissertation (Dec. 2013): Communication and Resilience in Collaboration, Social-Ecological Systems, and Discourse
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication & Journalism, University of Maine

Spencer Meyer, PhD
Dissertation (2014): A Social-Ecological System of Land Use in Northern New England: The Integration of Land Conservation and Economic Development Across Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales
Senior Conservationist, Highstead, CT

Thomas Parr, PhD
Dissertation (2014): Effect of Urbanization on Dissolved Organic Matter: Composition, Bioavailability, and Ecosystem Integrity
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oklahoma

Ryan Pickering, PhD
Dissertation (May 2014): Getting to the Heart of Social and Educational Disadvantage: Exploring the Impact of Social Interactions Across the Class Divide
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Allegheny College

Mike Quartuch, PhD
Dissertation (May 2014): Sustaining Forests through Social, Environmental, and Community Psychology Constructs
Colorado Parks & Wildlife, CO

Tyler Quiring, M.A.
Master’s project (2015): NEST: Safe beaches, shellfish, and you [transmedia research website]
Doctoral student, University of Maine

Jocelyn Runnebaum, PhD
Dissertation (2017): Improving Management and Conservation of Cusk (Brosme brosme): Habitat Distribution, Bycatch Interactions, and Conservation Practices
Fisheries Biologist, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Emily Silver, PhD
Dissertation (2015): Understanding Private Woodland Owner Forest Management: Qualitative and Quantitative Applications
Research Forester, U.S. Forest Service

Hollie Smith, PhD
Dissertation (May 2014): Intersections of Science, Policy & the Media in Sustainability Science: A Mixed Method State Analysis
Assistant Professor, Science and Environmental Communication, University of Oregon

Joshua Stoll, PhD
Dissertation (December 2016): The Human Ecology of Commercial Fishing in Maine: Hidden Connections, Tangled Institutions, Uncertain Resilience
Assistant Professor, School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine

Brianne Suldovsky, PhD
Dissertation (May 2016): Communicating Who Knows What in Sustainability Science: Investigating the Role of Epistemology in Science Communication and Engagement
Assistant Professor of Science, Environment, and Risk Communication, Portland State University