Klein featured in EcoWatch guide to solar panels for homes

Sharon Klein with solar arraySharon Klein, associate professor at the UMaine School of Economics and Mitchell Center Faculty Fellow, was featured as an expert on solar panel efficiency in EcoWatch’s 2022 guide to the 10 best solar panels for homes. Klein explained that crystalline solar panels are generally more efficient than thin film, and cloudy weather, shade and temperature can all affect the efficiency of solar panels. “Although solar panels work best in direct sunlight, they can also work when light is reflected or diffused through clouds. However, when it is cloudy, solar panels will not be operating at their maximum efficiency. They may only be operating at 10–25% efficiency, depending on how dense the clouds are. … Shade will act like a cloud, diminishing the efficiency of the solar panel. Solar operates best in cooler temperatures. High temperatures reduce the efficiency. The best way to know if your roof is good for solar is to ask for free quotes from multiple local solar installers. They will be able to tell you exactly how many panels, of what type, your roof can support, whether any tree removal is necessary, and how much it will cost and you will save,” Klein said.