Recent publications from the Mitchell Center community

Mitchell Center community members actively publish their research across a diverse range of academic fields. The following is a sampling of recent publications by Mitchell Center faculty, students, and alumni.

A financial benefit-cost analysis of different community solar approaches in the northeastern US
Sharon J.W. Klein, Abigayle Hargreaves, Stephanie Coffey
Solar Energy. Volume 213, 1 January 2021, Pages 225-245

From blue economy to blue communities: reorienting aquaculture expansion for community wellbeing
Lisa M. Campbell, Luke Fairbanks, Grant Murray, Joshua S. Stoll, Linda D’Anna, Julia Bingham
Marine Policy. Volume 124, February 2021, 104361

Benefits, costs, and feasibility of scaling up land conservation for maintaining ecosystem services in the Sebago Lake watershed, Maine, USA
Adam Daigneault, Aaron L. Strong, Spencer R. Meyer
Ecosystem Services. Volume 48, April 2021, 101238

Evaluating the theoretical and practical linkages between ecosystem-based fisheries management and fisheries co-management
Marina Cucuzza, Joshua S. Stoll, Heather M. Leslie
Marine Policy. Volume 126, April 2021, 104390

Science in Indigenous homelands: addressing power and justice in sustainability science from/with/in the Penobscot River
Bridie McGreavy, Darren Ranco, John Daigle, Suzanne Greenlaw, Nolan Altvater, Tyler Quiring, Natalie Michelle, Jan Paul, Maliyan Binette, Brawley Benson, Anthony Sutton, David Hart
Sustainability Science. January 2021.