September 1 webinar on Maine Climate Council strategies to include equity assessment

The Belfast Area Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby will host a webinar on Tuesday, September 1, featuring Cassaundra Rose, coordinator for the Maine Climate Council, and several members of the council’s working groups.

In April 2020 the Mitchell Center was asked by the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future to lead a project focused on improving the equity outcomes of the Climate Action Plan being developed by the Maine Climate Council. A preview of recommendations from this project will be included in the webinar.

 The Mitchell Center is assisting the council to understand and improve the extent to which the draft strategies being considered ensure that the benefits of climate protection efforts are distributed equitably. The team is also addressing inequities in how the burdens created by climate change, and the policies designed to alleviate them, may affect people and communities.

Linda Silka, Mitchell Center senior fellow, David Hart, Mitchell Center director, and Sara Kelemen, a University of Maine graduate student in the School of Food and Agriculture, are leading the project.

To learn more, see a summary of the project and a feature article on UMaine News.