Testing Videos

Blue Team trike

Human Power Tests

Test ResultsUsing the arm cycle at the Recreation Center on campus we tested endurance at a high level on the machine, level 7. Five minutes was the average sustainability, this should be close to our upper limit. We also ran a few other tests at the lowest level, level 1.

The machine reads out our RPM and the amount of Watts we produce. Using these numbers we are able to calculate the Horse Power we produce along with the Force required.

We found that on level 1 the average person can produce .0134 hp exerting 15.32 lbs of force

On level 7 the average person can produce .0805 hp exerting a force of 48.32 lbs.

Human Power test

Push Test

Using a bike and digital scale we calculated our average rolling resistance on thick, muddy grass.
We found:
25 lbs / 261 lbs = .0957 for µ or the coefficient of friction.

Push test

Tip Test

Tip TestFor this test we placed a 2”x6” plank on top of two tires and drove up with one tire. The trike made it up the ramp to 13” before we feared for the integrity of the right tire.

The trike is 36” wide and made it up 13”, to find the angle made we must use the arc sin function: ASin(13”/36”) = 21.2°

21.2° Is not the tipping angle but the angle we were most comfortable bringing the trike to. The trike will not tip fully until about 30°

Transfer Board Test

Transfer Board TestA major concern for any handicapped vehicle is how the rider gets in and out safely and comfortably. For this we use a transfer board.

Our transfer board is a 2”x6” plank with a 5” dowel sticking out of one side. The dowel will loosely fit into a grommet hole in our seat. The rider will then place the other end of the board on any seat or wheelchair and slide their way across.

You can also see a complete test of this in the video link “Maine Day Testing Part 2” above.

Library Stair Test

Library Stair TestFor Maine Day part of the Endurance Course will be to climb the library  ramp and then proceed down the stairs to continue.

With this Trike climbing the library ramp poses no issue with an experienced rider. Down the stairs, as long as you hit them straight, is also effortless.

You can also see a complete test of this in the video link “Maine Day Testing” above.

Brake Test

Brake TestFor Maine Day another test is the Brake Test. This test will be a timed event starting at a point A. Once past point A you will, as fast as you can, ride to point B where you will begin braking. You must brake before point C is reached.

We did initial testing for this test and made a complete run in 13 seconds breaking in about 1-1.5ft.

You can also see a complete test of this in the video link “Maine Day Testing” above.