Client Specifications

Initial Client Specifications:

Mr. Dunning Meeting Notes.

Ricardo: “Are you the person for us to ask what you want?”

Mr. Dunning: “Yup,”

  • Mr. Dunning looked at the work in our logbook, and likes our design.
  • Mr. Dunning asked about our interactive “Pinball” game. He was excited about that.
  • Mr. Dunning told us that the Department could help with funding for the project.
  • Professor Dunning told us that he had no preference for a material, as long as the ball is visible.
  • Our customer said that the target age range might be quite large, but middle school and high school students are the focus.
  • Mr. Dunning wants there to be a plaque or sign, informing viewers of the process of designing the sculpture.
  • The client wants the controls to be “idiot-proof” meaning that they should be very simple, as well as durable.
  • Mr. Dunning suggested looking at the “Girls EngineerMaine” program, for enticement resources.
  • Our customer would like us to incorporate the concept of: “Imagine Knowing First” to entice students by showing that it is possible to determine if a design will work, before it is built.
  • Another idea from our client is the idea of expanding one’s imagination and the concept of imagine/conceive, before build.
  • Professor Dunning said that he could get the location clearance for the fist floor conference room of the AMC.
  • Our customer likes colors that contrast sharply.
  • Mr. Dunning likes the use of light-beam sensors to activate features.
  • Our client specifically likes our light-up “Plinko” feature. He also likes lights that change, and lights that enhance the path of the ball, (running Lights?)


Current target age range: 5th grade to high school/college.


John Belding

  • Max depth of 18 inches
  • Max width  of 36 inches
  • Is there a possibility of mounting the sculpture from the ceiling.
  • Another possibility for a larger sculpture could be in the lobby.
  • Compromised to have 2 individual sculptures instead of one longer one.  This allows for the use of the middle of the table for other things.
  • Noise is a big concern, it the autonomous sculpture needs to have a shut off switch.
  • John’s office is next door, so less noise is better.