Wave Tank to Flume Conversion

Wave Tank in Crosby Lab

About this project:

We were tasked by the University of Maine to upgrade the Moors Lab wave tank to include a removable water flume. Our preliminary design features a low pressure water flume, consisting of a submerged adjustable floor, a shaft driven dual propeller system, and a 7-1/2 horsepower motor. By expanding the capabilities of the wave tank, this will allow for a broader spectrum of research and testing to be conducted at Moors Lab.


11/24/2015 – Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

11/19/2015 – Sub-Floor design is nearing finalization.

Additional Items:

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Team Members:

Miles Smith – “I am a Mechanical Engineering Technology student who grow up in Clinton, Maine. I am a brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon where I hold the position of Vice President of Member Development and serve on the Standards Board as the Ritual Guard. Outside of Sigma Phi Epsilon I am a member of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Command on campus and I am currently the Commanding Officer of the unit where I am responsible for training and leading thirteen students aspiring to be officers in the US Navy. Before CO I held the positions of Division Officer and Command Fitness Leader. I will commission this year as an Ensign in the US Navy and attend Nuclear Power School before deploying to a submarine.”

Sam Kent – “I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology with an interest in motorcycles and motorcycle design. I look forward to applying the skills I have learned in this program to my future endeavors.”

Mohammed Halawani – “I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a former operator for Saudi ARAMCO Oil Company. I can speak Arabic and English fluently, but am still a beginner in Spanish. I am a big fan of both Art and Physics and enjoy combining them both by writing music and designing.”

Anthony Breton – “I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering Technology, also I am going for a minor in Electrical Engineering Technology. I enjoy designing and would be thrilled to find a job that would deal with prototyping in the future.”