Cab and Wood Box Team


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(October 2013)                                                              (April 2014)

Project Overview:

Our Team is responsible for fabricating and restoring all carpentry and sheet metal work on the Lombard Log Hauler. This includes; the cab, fuel box, and safety guards.


1)      Goals

2)      Weekly Progress

3)      Lombard History

4)      Team Members

5)      Team Contract

6)      Donations

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– Make or buy hinges for the door and latches (completed)

– Make the ladder for the left side of the Lombard (completed)

– Make the fencing for the back side of the Fuel Box (completed)

– Put together the fuel box and mount it (completed)

– Assemble tongue and groove roof (completed)

– Make roof trim and design/install metal roof and drip edge (completed)

– Design metal roof (completed)

– Design door hardware (completed)

– Design cab back wall tongue and groove (completed)

Weekly Progress:

Week of April 28-May 2, 2014

– Finished mounting roof drip edge and trim

– Installed seats and seat stays

– Installed oil rack

– Installed curtain rod

Week of April 21-25, 2014

– Finished mounting fuel box hardware

– Proposed seat stay design
Week of April 14-18, 2014

– Started mounting fuel Box

Week of April 7-11, 2014

– Picked up metal roofing order from Lakeview Lumber in China, ME

– Started mounting sheet metal roofing

Week of March 31-April 4, 2014

– Continued work on mounting tongue and groove for back wall

– Cut and planed wood for back fencing and machined back fencing supports

– Placed order for sheet metal roofing

Week of March 24-28, 2014

– Cleaned up Machinery Hall to prepare for boiler inspection

Week of March 17-21 , 2014

– Continued work on mounting tongue and groove for back wall

Week of March 10-14 , 2014

– Began mounting tongue and groove for back wall


(Tongue and groove for back wall.)

Week of February 24-28, 2014

– Purchased tongue and groove for back wall

– Test fitted fuel box and side fencing with equipment

Outside position(Here is the Fuel Box  side fencing  being tested on the back of the Lombard.)

Week of February 17-21 , 2014

– Drew up detailed plans for different aspects of the cab and fuel box

– Asked Byron Aubrey to make a few parts for us including: fuel box side supports, I Bolts for back of fuel box, and curtain rod mounting hardware

Week of February 3-7 , 2014

– Reset Roof  tongue and groove offset

– Gathered measurements for back cab wall to prepare to install tongue and groove siding.

Week of January 27-31 , 2014

– Mocked up front trim piece and painted fuel box.

Week of November 18-22, 2013

– Test fitted fuel box and found fuel box support is 4 in too wide and 4 in too long


(Here is the Fuel Box on the back of the Lombard.)

– Prepared cab roof for installation of roof trim

Week of November 11-15, 2013

– Finished straightening panels  and welded rips in fuel box

Week of November 4-8, 2013

– Transported the fuel box back to the University of Maine Machine Tool Lab  for restoration

– Finalized plans for cab roof trim

Week of October 28-November 1, 2013

– Installed left side ladder; constructed by Darran Harvey and Tyler Desjardins.

Starboard Ladder

(Here’s the left side ladder fully mounted.)

– Tested rivets in fuel box

– Started straightening of fuel box sides

Week of October 21-25, 2013

– Installed both doors and handles

– Prepared roof trim boards for install

Week of October 14-18, 2013

– Installed ladder on right side of Lombard

Installing right hand step

(Here’s Tyler Desjardins and Alex Fairbanks mounting the right ladder.)

– Left side ladder has been made and ready to be installed

Week of October 7-11, 2013

-Team installed tongue and groove roof

Week of September 30-October 4, 2013

– Team has found and restored fuel box


(From left to right: Spencer Rust, Nathan Theriault, Andrew Lietz, and

Blake Waterman posing next to the newly found Fuel Box.)

For more in depth progress please view our Online Progress Planner.

Team Members:

Click on a team member’s name to view their resume.

Tyler Desjardins: I’m 21 years old out of Bangor, ME. This is my fourth year at the University of Maine studying Mechanical Engineering Technology with a minor in Renewable Energy Science & Technology. The past three summers I have had the opportunity to advance my engineering skill set by acquiring an internship position at Mide Technology Corp. in Medford, MA. Working in a strong team environment that develops; piezo electric mechanical systems, Hydro active Seals for the Navy, SBIR and IR&D projects, Forensic analysis, etc. When I’m not studying hard you could see me; in the gym, playing baseball, golf, or tinkering on my 3-D printer.

Alex Fairbanks: I’m 21 years old and from Levant, ME. I grew up with a big interest in building and designing while in high school. Started the Mechanical Engineering Technology program at the University of Maine at Orono in 2010. I’ve gained experience in design, drafting, using CAD programs, and machining. My dream job would be working on aircraft or automobiles. My interests are four wheeling, flying, snowmobiling and biking.

John Halloran: I was born on June 7th, 1985 as the third of four children. Went to John Bapst Memorial High School and graduated in 2003. Initially, I wanted to become a History teacher and received degrees of both History and Secondary Education in 2009. While I was attending school, I was hired as a cleaner at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center (formerly the Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Center). In 2007, I won the Undergrad of the Year Award from the Center. I have been involved in one way or another in almost all of the major projects at the Center. Over the last 7.5 years, I have worked for the project building blast and ballistic resistant structures, infused panels for structural testing, fabricated and tested new Oriented Strand Board (OSB) formulas, and the Bridge in a Backpack composites. I have also worked extensively with the Lab Operations Manager with regards to safety, calibration of testing equipment, and training education at the Center. I learned so much from working at the Center that in the spring of 2010 I began attending school again in the Mechanical Engineering Technology field. I am currently a senior and am on track to graduate in the winter of 2014.

Andrew Lietz: I am a senior in Mechanical engineering Technology at the University of Maine. I have had an interest in Engineering ever since I got my first set of lego® set as a young kid. This interest drove me to take all of the wood shop and technology classes that were offered at my high school. The experiences I gained during those four years gave me the confidence to pursue a degree in engineering. Now that I am nearing the end of college; I am looking forward to a long career in engineering.

Spencer Rust: I am from Bantam, CT. I came to Maine for school because I have always loved the state. My family often vacationed here when I was a kid. I fell in love with the state’s beauty and great outdoors. I have always been an outdoors person. My hobbies include Kayaking, canoeing, and camping. My ideal job after college would be working with CAD or CNC machining. I have enjoyed classes I’ve taken here at UMaine involving those two subjects.

Nathan Theriault: Age 22 From Turner, Maine. Interests: Flight instructing, anything in the water, drum corps

Blake Waterman: I am in my senior year of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program at the University of Maine at Orono. I am from Burnham, Maine. My interests include 3d modeling, programming and  mechanical design.


Darran Harvey

Darran has donated time and labor in the construction of the left side ladder as well as helping rivet the fuel box together. Thanks to Darran’s generous contributions to our project we have saved a lot of time and money and thank him for his hard work.

Byron Aubrey and Jerry Gallant

Jerry and Byron have graciously donated time and labor for various hardware on the Lombard. Both the latches and door stays were made by Byron at his home shop in Kenduskeag, Maine. The rear fence braces and fuel box side supports were made by both Byron and Jerry at Byron’s home shop as well.

Door Latches

Here is a highlighted view of the latches and stays for the door.