Summer 2021 Maine Studies Courses

Maine Studies Courses

MES 101 – Introduction to Maine Studies, online course, 5/11-6/19 [cancelled]
An interdisciplinary approach to the study of Maine through sources in history, literature, political science, Native American studies, Franco American studies, and other fields. The unifying theme is the significance of place in understanding the interaction between landscape and people. Course satisfies the general education Population and the Environment and Writing Intensive requirements. Credits: 3

MES 201 – The Maine Coast, online course, 6/21-7/30 – Instructor: Jennifer Pickard
How have Maine’s coastal geography, ecology and resources shaped human activity there? How have artists and writers helped construct the Maine coast in the popular imagination? Course also considers how development, climate change and other forces threaten the Maine coast’s fragile environment. Satisfies Population and Environment, Social Context and Institutions, and Writing Intensive Gen Ed requirements. Credits: 3

MES 598 – Directed Study in Maine Studies, online – Instructor: Kreg Ettenger
This course is for individual students seeking to explore a subject of their own interest in more depth. This can include readings-based courses as well as project courses. Interested students should contact the Coordinator of Maine Studies for more information or to propose a course idea. Credits: 3