Minor in Maine Studies

The Maine Studies Minor

The Minor in Maine Studies offers students the opportunity to investigate Maine’s cultural, historical, and physical landscapes. The program recognizes the value of a multidisciplinary approach to understanding Maine’s historical and contemporary issues. The minor is useful for those who plan to work in Maine, especially teachers, social workers, business people, policy makers and government employees.

Students in the Maine studies minor must take a minimum of 18 credits in Maine Studies or other Maine-related courses, including MES 101, Introduction to Maine Studies, and MES 201, The Maine Coast. A minimum of 12 credit hours must be University of Maine courses. Students may complete the minor through courses on campus or online.

Information on Declaring a Minor – CLAS

This page contains information on selecting and declaring a minor in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Declaration of Major/Minor Form

This form is used to declare a minor (or to declare or switch majors). The only signatures needed are the Minor Coordinator and the Associate Dean of your home (major) college. Please see our contact page for information on the Maine Studies Coordinator and how to reach him.

Learning Objectives for the Maine Studies Minor

1) Students will be able to utilize interdisciplinary approaches and research methods in the study of Maine, both past and present.

2) Students will gain experience using discipline-based learning experiences that include methods from humanities, social, physical and natural sciences.

3) Students will be able to analyze the cultural, political and economic relationships between people and the environment in Maine.

4) Students will gain a better understanding of social, political and economic trends in Maine, and develop a basic understanding of public policy issues.