Early Start Maine Initiative serves families of young children

mother and young child coloring at table

The Early Start Maine team is comprised of five nationally certified Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) interventionists. In partnership with Maine Child Development Services, the Early Start Maine team provides training and supervision to Maine’s early intervention providers to improve Maine’s ability to deliver necessary and highly effective early intervention to young children, birth to age 3, with autism spectrum disorders.  

Parents served by Early Start Maine have shared their experiences with us, noting the positive impact the intervention was having on their children. Here’s a sample of what parents involved in the program are saying:

“This is a wonderful model and was very beneficial to our daughter’s growth and development.  It’s almost scary to think about where she would be today if she hadn’t been fortunate enough to receive these services.  It truly made a difference.”

“My son had many issues with social interaction and with language. In the year I was in the program he made a lot of positive progress; now playtime is very enjoyable, and he goes to preschool where he has made new friends.”

“Our son has learned so much and we can see just how PROUD he is of himself with these newly acquired skills. We’d love him no matter what, but there’s a new joy in his eyes that makes our hearts melt.”

”This helped open up my child in so many areas that weren’t open to him before, and they helped us learn and modify things to help him learn. This is a wonderful program and I’m happy with the results we got from this.”

Since its inception in  April 2015, Early Start Maine has served 90 children and their families across 9 CDS sites and 4 partner agencies;  28 primary service providers are implementing Early Start Maine statewide, and there are now 20 primary service providers with Maine recognized fidelity and certification.

To learn more about Early Start Maine, visit our website. Be sure to check out our Parent Coaching Modules, also available on our website. These learning modules are based on the principles of the Early Start Denver Model and guide families in supporting their child’s learning.