There are many things in the physical environment that can be distracting and compete for your child’s attention. Computers, tablets or television, mechanical toys, and even a busy household may interfere with gaining your child’s attention. By identifying things in your environment that attract your child’s attention and minimizing these distractions, you may be more likely to become the focus of your child’s attention.

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I can eliminate distractions from my child’s attention by:

• Turning off the TV, computer and other electronics when interacting
• Identifying the things that compete for my child’s attention and hiding them, putting them away, or moving to a less distracting location
• Teaching family members and others the importance of not interrupting or diverting my child’s attention


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Adapted from: An early start for your child with Autism: Using everyday activities to help kids connect, communicate, and learn. Rogers, S.J., Dawson, G., Vismara, L.A. (2012). New York: Guilford Press.