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Maine Parent Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

This parent-friendly guide was developed with the help of a dedicated group of MAIER Family Partnership parents to assist other families as they navigate the autism journey. In four booklets, the Parent Guide leads families from the initial question of “Does my child have autism?” to steps for obtaining needed assessments, connecting with educational and social services, and finding resources based on their needs.

The Maine Parent Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders is enriched with personal stories, reflections, and suggestions from our parent group, lending a personal touch that reflects their experiences and knowledge gained from their own journeys. Family photos capture the joys and challenges of raising a child with ASD.

In 2018, MAIER again collaborated with a group of individuals with ASD, family members, educators, and professionals to review, revise, and update the Parent Guide, including the addition of new content and a new volume, “Living with Autism: High School and Adult Life on the Spectrum.”

You can download copies of the 2018 edition of the Maine Parent Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders below, or contact us for a print copy. If your agency or organization would like to receive multiple copies for distribution, contact us by phone (207.581.2352) or email us to discuss your request.

“I take great joy in my son’s achievements, most being simple and natural things for typical children, yet hard fought for us. I focus on the awesome things he can do and not what he cannot. I focus on his achievements and not his struggles.
                   ~MAIER Family Partnership Mom

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Booklet 1: What to do when you suspect an Autism Spectrum Disorder

cover of Maine Parent Guide 2 with young children in circle time with teachers

Booklet 2: Accessing educational services, social services and interventions

Booklet 3: Living with Autism: High School and Adult Life on the Spectrum

Cover of Parent Guide voume 4: family walking in woodsVolume 4: Resource Guide for Maine Families