Bilingual Special Education Issues and Trends

Bilingual Special Education Issues and Trends is a three-hour asynchronous learning experience in which you will learn to recognize the richness of bi/multilingual students’ linguistic repertoires, consider access and inclusion issues, develop universal designs of learning, and learn about a proposed “blueprint” for multilingual learners with disabilities. Once you REGISTER for this module, you will be sent an email with a link and the password to the landing page.

The instructors for this module are Dr. Gliset Colόn, Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Teaching Bilingual Exceptional Individuals GCP at the Exceptional Education Department at SUNY Buffalo State College and Dr. Tamara Alsace, Independent Scholar. Dr. Colόn and Alsace have created a 3-hour learning experience you can access anytime.  This learning module includes a one-hour video with associated questions and suggested activities to support your learning. Once you register for, finish the module, and then complete the evaluation form, you will receive a UMaine completion certificate for these three hours of learning.

Register HERE for this learning experience.