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First Steps TrainingRoles and Responsibilities

Module 4: Maine Autism Institute for Education and Research (MAIER) and
Child Development Services (CDS)

Roles and Responsibilities


Upon completing this module you will :

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Primary Service Provider (PSP) and the Early Start Maine- Consultant (ESM-C).
  • Understand the relationship between the Individual Family Service Outcomes plan and the ESDM Objectives

Activities to support your learning:  Notepad and pencil

  • Read Chapter 3 of the ESDM Manual
  • Read/Review these documents, available to download below:
    • Process for Entering Early Start Denver Model
    • Consent for Release of Information
    • Family Guidelines
    • Early Start Maine: Implementing the Early Start Denver Model: PSP Action Items


An Early Start Maine Consultant (ESM-C) may be a Young child looking at garden with ball at his feetpsychologist, behaviorist, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, early intervention specialist, or developmental pediatrician. What’s important is that they have ESDM training and certification. The Maine Autism Institute for Education and Research (MAIER) Early Start Maine Initiative includes a staff of five ESDM certified consultants (ESM-C).

Roles and Responsibilities of ESM-C

  • Reviews the purpose of the ESDM, the time commitment, and the expectations, with the family.
  • Assesses the child using the ESDM Curriculum Checklist.
  • Develops objectives that will address the child’s needs and priorities.
  • Provides coaching and support to the PSP to reach and maintain fidelity to ESDM.
  • Provides support and consultation to the PSP as he/she works with the child.
  • Monitors the child’s progress on the ESDM objectives.

The ESM-C will assess the child using the Curriculum Checklist and develop the child’s individual program and all supporting documents to monitor progress. [Note: This will be addressed in more detail in the Fidelity Training.]

Primary Service Provider

A primary service provider (PSP) is an employee of CDS (or a provider working with a contracted agency to work with CDS) to implement ESDM with Coaching. IT IS YOU!

Roles and Responsibilities of the PSP

  • Provides models and strategies and facilitates coaching interactions that will address both the IFSP outcomes and ESDM objectives.
  • Provides information about the child’s skills.
  • Works directly with the child to meet his/her ESDM objectives.
  • Monitors the child’s progress, both on the IFSP outcomes and the ESDM objectives.
  • Reaches and maintains fidelity to the ESDM.


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1. ESDM Process for Entering ESDM      [PDF]  [MSword]
This form is used by the Early Intervention team to determine if ESDM is the appropriate service for a particular child and family.
Consent for Release of Information     [PDF]  [MSword]
The consent is obtained by the Service Coordinator before a referral is made to the ESM-C.

2. Family Guidelines       [PDF]  [MSWord]
This form is introduced to the family by the Service Coordinator to describe ESDM. It is used to provide the family with an understanding of what ESDM will look like and  the role of the family, the ESM-C and the PSP. The ESM-C and PSP will also review the Family Guidelines at the start of the program.

3. Early Start Maine: Implementing the Early Start Denver Model: PSP Action Items (in draft)
This form guides the PSP’s responsibilities from the time of the referral through transition to Part B.

Module 4 Reflection: What I Learned?

  • Who administers the Curriculum Checklist?
  • Who does the ESM-C work for?
  • What does PSP stand for?
  • Who provides coaching to the family?
  • Who is responsible for the outcomes on the IFSP?
  • What is the purpose of the ESDM Process for Entering ESDM?
  • I would like more information about ….

When you complete this section please send your reflection to your instructor.

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