Mission Statement

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As the largest and most diverse college within the University of Maine, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides an intellectual, scientific, and cultural center for the university and serves as a primary educational resource for the region and the state.

The college cultivates a well-informed citizenry by providing all undergraduate students broadly-based educational opportunities focusing on active and critical inquiry, appreciation of the diverse cultural and aesthetic heritage of humankind, recognition of the challenges facing the global society of today and understanding of the natural world of which we are a part.  The college honors the goal of a liberal arts education:  namely, the development of well-rounded, ethical individuals who have the knowledge and the communication and analytical skills that are the necessary foundation for productive professional and personal lives.

To this end, the college offers a program of studies that will build a solid foundation of knowledge in the liberal arts areas:  the humanities, the visual and performing arts, the social and behavioral sciences, mathematics and computer science, the physical sciences and a range of programs that transcend disciplinary boundaries.  The college is also the home to several institutes and centers that deepen our understanding of cultures in Maine and abroad.

Faculty are committed to active scholarship in teaching and research, providing graduate and undergraduate students with valuable opportunities to engage in research alongside of faculty and to participate in the creation of new knowledge.  The college provides advanced training and qualifications in a variety of fields, preparing graduate students for further research and professional training.

The college seeks to promote the values of excellence in education, free inquiry and expression, social responsibility, ethical behavior, appreciation of differences, and a joy of learning about the world around us.