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Bock, C.(2019)  Masters Thesis.  Pre-service Elementary Teachers’ Use of Spatial Diagrams: Investigations of Unbounded Shearing on Solid Figures

Software Projects

Geometry of Starlight in Aframe [Active Development]

We are working to develop a set of interactions between a globe and parallel rays of starlight in aframe, to be deployed via WebXR.

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HandWaver [Archived]:

HandWaver is a gesture-based virtual mathematical making environment where learners at all levels can use their hands to act on mathematical figures directly, without mediating their intuitions through equations, keyboards, or mouse movements. HandWaver combines aspects of dynamic geometry in virtual reality with new modes of building mathematical objects, such as the ability to use one’s hands to stretch objects between dimensions; e.g., points can be stretched into line segments, segments can be stretched into plane figures, and plane figures can be stretched into solids.

HandWaver allows learners to make, modify, measure, and explore mathematical objects in a virtual three dimensional space.  We developed HandWaver to increase access to meaningful mathematical experiences for all learners. HandWaver is available for download at (note: requires room-scale HTC Vive with head-mounted Leap Motion control).

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CindyXR Interactions [Active Development]

We are working to develop a set of spatial interactions for the WebXR implementation of the Cinderella Dynamic Geometry Software.

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