TEDx2020 Call for Speakers Announced

TEDxUMaine 2020: Disruption is part of Maine Impact Week! Submit by January 31 to be a speaker!

Do you have an idea that encourages others to think differently?

TEDxUMaine has launched its call for speakers, and we want YOU to apply. We are looking for talented and passionate individuals from UMaine who have big ideas to share. Applicants must be UMaine faculty, staff or students.

Theme: Disruption

Humanity is constructed of behavioral patterns and social norms, as humans are naturally creatures of habit. With time and perpetual routine, familiarity strengthens comfort and confidence, leaving minimal space for uncertainty. This paradigm of life is all encompassing, guiding people through their day-to-day lives. However on occasion, something interrupts this path of consistency. Something breaks the confinements of a static society, causing a shift in the way things work, causing change. It could be a discovery, an invention, an event, a new way of thinking, or anything. This is the concept behind Disruption. The way you define it is up to you.

Deadline: January 31st, 2020

Do you have an idea worth sharing, or know somebody who does? We are seeking inspiring speakers to explore the causes of Disruption in our world, and to bring together the UMaine community for a day of engaging ideas.

Apply via the online TEDxUMaine 2020 Application Form.

More details and updates about the event can be found on the TEDxUMaine website.