Temporary Employees

The University of Maine defines a Temporary Employee as an individual who works in either a part-time or full-time position with an assignment lasting less than six months.

Temporary Employees are paid only for time worked, and by definition are not eligible to receive University benefits other than statutory benefits such as worker’s compensation and unemployment compensation. Temporary Employees are not eligible for paid time off (vacation, sick or holiday pay)

The University can only employ a Temporary Employee for six months or less. If there is a need to employ a Temporary Employee for a longer period of time, the department will need to provide justification for doing so.

Pre-employment Background Screening

All UMaine employees are required to have successfully passed appropriate background screenings prior to their start date. Selected university positions will require State or County background checks, National Sex Offender check, Driving Record Check, Credit, and Education Screening.

Payroll Paperwork

All new employees will need to complete the following paperwork before, on, or within three days of their start date.

  1. I-9 Eligibility Verification
  2. Direct Deposit*
  3. Individual Data Form*
  4. W-4*


* Forms available in Employee Self Service only after the new employee has been activated.

Hiring TemporaryEmployees

Department supervisors/managers who are looking to hire an employee whom they have already chosen, will either complete a Temporary Hourly Appointment Form or a Temporary Salaried Appointment Form. These forms require appropriate approvals and signatures before they are processed. The Office of Human Resources will require the completion of Pre-Employment Health and Safety Checklist in order to determine whether or not a post-offer physical is required.  Where the temporary employee has been identified, please make sure to send them the link to the background screening release.

If the department supervisor/manager would like to post a search for either a temporary hourly or salaried classification, we ask that they complete a HireTouch Requisition Form , provide a job description and complete a Pre-Employment Health and Safety Checklist.