Getting Started

Your Human Resources Partner (HRP) will work with you to help meet the strategic hiring needs of your department.  Below is the information you will need to get started on filling vacant or new positions.  Once you have submitted the items below, you will work closely with your HRP to move the process into HireTouch .


Salaried Positions

Complete or update the Job Description and PDQ for the position and submit this to your HRP for salary analysis.  You will also need to create your advertisement for external sources.


Hourly Positions

Complete an hourly job posting for the position and submit this to your HRP for review.  All hourly job specifications can be found here.  Your HRP can provide you with advice on creating the job posting and share sample templates with you.


Faculty Positions

Complete a faculty job posting and advertisement for external sources.  Please also consult with your HRP on the hiring range for the position.


Postdoctoral Research Associates