Spouse and Partner Accommodation Policy and Program

The University’s Spouse and Partner Accommodation Program supports spouses and partners of faculty and staff in identifying employment opportunities on campus outside of the competitive search process and matches well-qualified prospective employees with identified University needs.  All participants hired under the Partner Accommodation policy must be fully qualified for the identified position and must be approved by the hiring department.

The Spouse and Partner Accommodation program is not a guarantee of employment and it does not apply once the competitive search process for a position has commenced.  Once the competitive search process to fill a vacancy commences, spouses and partners of faculty and staff will be assessed using the same criteria as all other applicants for employment in a given position. For more information about the program, please call Angela Michaud at 581-1640.

Additional Support

The University of Maine supports the employment goals of the spouses and partners of our employees. The Office of Human Resources will assist partners of job finalists and current employees by providing the following services and information:

  1. Tips on how to navigate the recruitment and application process at the University of Maine;
  2. How to find information about posted University of Maine vacancies;
  3. Informal networking support for exploring potential employment opportunities with departments;
  4. University of Maine organizational contact information; and
  5. Contact information for other local employers and job services.


An individual’s success in securing employment is ultimately based on his/her credentials, individual efforts, employment-related goals, the University’s institutional needs, and the job market.  The Partner Accommodation policy and related services do not guarantee employment, the creation of a job vacancy, or exert any influence over the competitive search and selection process.