Season's greetings from the University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias


Eleanor St. Peter: My name is Eleanor St. Peter. I’m a fourth-year marketing and management student. I’m wishing for everyone to have a wonderful and relaxing holiday season.

Person 2: I’m hoping for more kindness and compassion in the new year.

Santi: My name is Santi. I’m a fourth-year student at the University of Maine. My big wish is to get into grad school next year.

Person 4: We hope everyone travels safe this holiday season.

Person 5: I hope the Celtics have a good season in 2023.

Patty: My name is Patty. I’m a third-year history major. My wish is to make my family proud.

Person 7: I hope to spend more time with family in the new year.

Person 8: I wish my family going to come here and visit me for my graduation.

Jared Talbot: My name’s Jared Talbot. I’m an assistant professor in the School of Biology and Ecology. I wish my students rest in the holidays and every success in the new year.

Person 9: We hope everyone stays warm this holiday season.

Person 10: I hope we have lots of new wins on our brand new field.

Ronnie Roberge: My name is Ronnie Roberge. I’m a sophomore majoring in financial economics. My wish is for everyone to get good grades and be the happiest that they can.

Person 12: I’m hoping that the Yankees sign Aaron Judge this year.

Amelia Cobb: My name’s Amelia Cobb. I’m a sophomore biomedical engineering major. My wish is that everyone passes their finals this year, especially me.


Person 14: I’m hoping to be more present with my family and my friends this year.

Maryam: مرحبا مرحبا اسمي مريم من المغرب..أعمل كباحثة بعد الدكتوراه .العام الجديد أن يعمّ الخير والسلام في كلّ مكان، وأن تعيش الإنسانية بخير دون حروب.. دون أمراض ودون خوف.. لأهلي وأحبتي في المغرب دمتم في خير حال والسلام.

Hi. My name is Maryam. I work as a postdoctoral researcher. My biggest wish for the new year is that peace and security prevail everywhere, and that humanity lives well without wars, without diseases and without fear. To my family and friends in Morocco, stay safe!

Vita: Hi. My name is Vita. I’m a graduate student from Ukraine. I’m studying global policy and international affairs. I wish all the students to have peaceful sky above their head.

Daniel Tanaka: Hi. My name’s Daniel Tanaka. I’m a pre-med major from Berkeley, California. I hope that everyone has a nice new year and accomplishes their individual goals.

Heather Ball: Happy holidays from the University of Maine at Machias. I’m Heather Ball, associate dean. This holiday season I wish you save travels, good health, and much joy. In the new year ahead, I hope that you always feel surrounded by the warmth of our campus communities. I hope for lots of snow this winter.

President Joan Ferrini-Mundy: I’m Joan Ferrini-Mundy, the President of the University of Maine and the University of Maine at Machias.

Rick Mundy: I’m Rick Mundy.

President Joan Ferrini-Mundy: For everyone this holiday season, my hope and wish is that you feel the love and support that we feel here at the University of Maine.

Rick: From our family to yours…

Group 1: Happy holidays!

Group 2: Happy holidays from UMaine!

Group 3: Happy new year!

Group 4: We hope you have a special holiday season!

Group 5: Happy holidays!

President Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Rick Mundy, and Group 6: Happy holidays! Happy new year from the University of Maine!