The UMaine Forest Policy and Economics Lab is a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students focused on researching integrated and applied approaches to helping solve complex natural resource and environmental issues. Our Lab has done research in all seven continents of the globe. We’ve investigated topics ranging from estimating global timber supply and carbon stocks under different socioeconomic and policy conditions to understanding how landowners prioritize the management of their farms and forests.


The lab is led by Dr. Adam Daigneault, EL Giddings Associate Professor of Forest Policy and Economics. Our Lab has included students from the School of Forest Resources, School of Economics, Ecology and Environmental Sciences Program, and School of Food and Agriculture. As such, there is strong emphasis on cross campus collaborations, including with the Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions and Center for Research on Sustainable Forests. Lab members are currently working on or have received degrees in Forest Resources, Resource Economics and Policy, Ecology and Environmental Science, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, and Sustainability.

Our lab mascot, Honey Sprinkles:

Our lab mascot Honey Sprinkles, who is Adam Daigneault recently obtained Kitten.