Lesson Number: 7

Maine Song and Story Sampler

Curriculum Connections Series

Lesson Number: 7

Standards Connection: Social Studies Maine Learning Results – Parameters of Essential Instruction (standard C-1).  C. Economics.  1. Economic Knowledge, Concepts, Themes, and Patterns.

Geographic Region: Statewide

Grade Level: 5-12

Instructional Time: Approximately one to one and one-half hours

Introduction: Maine’s economy has historically been based upon resource extraction and use.  Furthermore, Maine’s has historically contained only a very small middle class.  Most Mainers could reasonably be described as working class while a small population of upper class elites (known variously as Great Proprietors, owners or sports) has provided structure and capital to Maine industry.

Materials: The following materials are required for this lesson:

  • Digital and sound projection equipment, e.g. a MLTI laptop in one-to-one computing environments OR a teacher-directed LCD/sound projection system in traditional classrooms.
  • Access to the Maine Song and Story Sampler website.
  • Access to the Maine Department of Labor website and free-web sources on Maine labor history.
  • Writing materials.

Pre-Teaching: Students should be familiar with the diversity Maine’s resource-based economy and the geography of Maine.  At a minimum, they should understand where Maine’s seafood, agricultural, dairy and lumber industries have traditionally been based.

Activity:  Students will review the MS&SS site for examples of documents that relate to specific industries or commercial activities.  Students will select a document that represents an industry and develop an annotated timeline of that industry in Maine.  For each event on the timeline the students should compose a short (one to three sentences) annotation describing the event.  One of the events and annotations must be a relevant MS&SS artifact.

Assessment:  Teachers may choose to assess student writing based upon the rubrics or standards of their respective districts.  Mastery of PEI C-1 may be assessed through a review of the content of the student’s timeline and annotations.

Download pdf:  MSSS C-1