MSSS Curriculum Connection Series

Maine Song and Story Sampler: Curriculum Connections Series

The Curriculum Connection Series is a closely related project that branches out from The Maine Song and Story Sampler.  Bangor High School teacher Geoff Wingard created numerous lesson plans based on the Maine Song and Story web site for K-12 teachers.

(13 lessons are available at the bottom of the page)

Introduction for Educators

Dear Educator,

The Maine Song and Story Sampler project provides an opportunity for teachers, parents and other educators to introduce the diversity of Maine’s folklife to students of all ages.  There are innumerable ways in which this rich collection may be utilized.  The Curriculum Connection Series has been prepared to offer guidance and suggestions for educators of primary, middle and secondary level students on how to use the collection as a stand-alone resource and in conjunction with other instruments.

The Curriculum Connections Series is organized in two ways.  First, it presents twelve sample lessons aligned with the Maine Department of Education endorsed Maine Learning Results.  The Learning Results are organized in eight content areas, one of which is Social Studies.  The Social Studies content area is further subdivided into five Social Studies Standards and twelve Performance Indicators.  The MS&SS Curriculum Connections Series presents one sample lesson and assessment for each of these twelve Performance Indicators.  Second, the Curriculum Connections Series may be employed geographically.  Educators can search the MS&SS site for specific regions or communities.  For selected communities they can employ sample lessons when available or adapt lessons from other communities and regions to meet the requirements of their specific courses.  Finally, the Curriculum Connections Series includes a Summary Exercise that can be employed by teachers who are using the Maine Song and Story Sampler as a primary or supplementary text.  The Summary Exercise provides suggestions for a final assessment of the Learning Results Social Studies Standards and Performance Indicators.

The Maine Song and Story Sampler is an adaptable tool.  Using the Curriculum Connections Series, educators can structure entire courses and units in Maine studies, folklore and social studies.  Educators may also select the lessons, standards and regions that are included in their existing curricula and use the MS&SS as a resource to enrich their existing classes.  Teachers will find that each sample lesson provides guidance regarding time commitments, pre-teaching requirements, tools and resources and assessments.  Links to suggested material outside of the Maine Song and Story Sampler website are also provided.

The Maine Folklife Center is a resource for educators and students across the state.  It is our hope that the Maine Song and Story Sampler and the Curriculum Connections Series will provide teachers and learners with tools to unlock the robust folk traditions of Maine and a means to begin to explore our region.

Note: The information in these lessons was gathered solely from our archives.  There are many other resources available that would be good to consider as well.

Download pdf:  MSSS Introduction.