MF 156 Bangor Waterfront Revitalization Collection

Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History: MF 156 Bangor Waterfront Revitalization Collection

Number of accessions: 2
Dates interviews were conducted: 2008
Time period covered: late 20th century
Principal interviewers: Pauleena MacDougall
Finding aides: transcripts
Access restrictions: none
Description: This collection consists of 2 interviews conducted by Pauleena MacDougall in November and December 2008 about the development of the Bangor waterfront. John M. Rohman was the CEO of WBRC, a firm of architects and engineers. Rodney McKay was Director of Community and Economic Development for the city of Bangor. Included in the collection is a copy of the Bangor Waterfront Master Plan and a Powerpoint presentation about Maine’s creative economy.

NA3714 Rodney McKay, interviewed by Pauleena MacDougall, December 17, 2008, at the Bangor City Hall, Bangor, Maine. McKay talks about the Bangor Waterfront cleanup; initial plans for the waterfront in the 1980s; purchasing of lots and buildings along the waterfront; cleanup of water and soil; Maine Army National Guard involvement; redevelopment above and below ground along the waterfront; replacement of the bulkhead and cribwork; future plans for the seafront and along Front Street; sources of funding; primary people and groups who kept the vision together; city interest in the project; historical preservation; challenges faced during the project; National Folk Festival’s involvement; development of the harbor for cruise ships; further development and possible connections to other cities and major attractions outside of Bangor; cultural activities; growth of downtown Bangor; ideas for development of downtown Bangor; Bangor Center Corporation. Also included: a manuscript titled “Bangor Waterfront Master Plan,” by the City of Bangor, 2 Xerox copies of color photographs of the Bangor Waterfront. Text: 11 pp. transcript, 27 pp. manuscript. Recordings: CD 2430 36 minutes.

NA3715 John Rohman, interviewed by Pauleena MacDougall, November 19, 2008, Bangor, Maine. Rohman talks about the development of downtown Bangor and the waterfront; funding for the development project; effect Bangor Mall opening had on downtown Bangor; barriers to developing downtown; downtown as the heart of the community; how the National Folk Festival changed the downtown; how the National Folk Festival started; fundraising for the National Folk Festival; growth of apartments and restaurants downtown. Also included: manuscript of “Maine’s creative economy; connecting community, creativity & commerce.” Text: 11 pp. transcript, 23 pp. manuscript of PP presentation. Recordings: CD 2431 37 minutes.