MF 137 Joseph Ogando Collection

Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History: MF 137 Joseph Ogando Collection

Number of accessions: 4
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1988
Time period covered: early-to-mid-20th century
Principal interviewers: Joseph Ogando
Finding aides: transcripts
Access restrictions: none
Description: This collection consists of three interviews conducted by Joseph Ogando about country music in Maine and the Maritime Provinces and the paper that was written about the interviews for an independent study course with Edward D. “Sandy” Ives at the University of Maine in 1988. See also MF 094 Country Music Series (1975). Themes include early years of radio; the importance of stories in early country music; and why country music was popular in northern Maine.

NA2072 Maynard Jalbert, interviewed by Joseph Ogando, April 14, 1988, Caribou, Maine. Jalbert discusses country and traditional Maine music in the early-to-mid twentieth century; bilingual nature of woods songs; plays recordings with songs; instruments and musical learning in northern Maine during the 1920s and 30s; winter work in lumber camps during the Great Depression; lumber camps food; role of music at home and as a social pastime; story tellers in the lumber camps; fighting lice; differences between music in lumber camps and at dances; introduction of the radio circa 1938; French-Canadian heritage; wedding and Fourth of July celebrations; common French-Canadian names and how men with identical names were distinguished; why country music became popular in northern Maine; and recites and sings in French parts of folk songs made by a friend. Text: 26 pp. transcript. Recording: C 0595 – C 0596 2 hours.

NA2073 Gene Hooper, interviewed by Joseph Ogando, April 7, 1988, Machias, Maine. Hooper talks about country and traditional music in early-to-mid twentieth century Maine; influential musicians in the late 1920s and early 1930s; early radio in Maine and the stations he listened to; changes in radio and material aired; his experiences performing for radio; adapting traditional “story songs” for radio; importance of Jimmy Rodgers as a model; yodeling in music; playing in Canada and Virginia; why country music was popular in Maine and the Maritime Provinces; changes in country music by 1988; importance of lyrics and the story to early country music; and what instruments would sometimes accompany him. Text: 25 pp. transcript. Recording: C 0597 1 hour.

NA2074 Jim Dowling, interviewed by Joseph Ogando, April 20, 1988, Orono, Maine. Dowling discusses country music in the Bangor area; his childhood in the 1940s and 50s; growth of rock music; bars that played country music; prominent local musicians, particularly Dick Curless; and country songs coming out of stories. Text: 13 pp. transcript. Recording: C 0598 1 hour.

NA2115 By Joseph Ogando, December 15, 1988, Orono, Maine. Independent study titled “Regional Country Music in Maine and the Maritimes.” Text: 20 pp. manuscript.