MF 032 Louise Manny/ Lord Beaverbrook Folksong Collection

Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History: MF 032 Louise Manny/ Lord Beaverbrook Collection of New Brunswick Folksong

Number of accessions: 1
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1976
Time period covered: ca. 1890-1940
Principal interviewers: Joan Brooks; Jack Beard
Finding aides: brief indexes and full transcripts
Access restrictions: none
Description: NA0853 Wilmot MacDonald, Frank Ramsay, Thomas W. Coughlan, Ernest Tozer, Basil Thibodeau, John Stymiest, George Campbell, Jared MacLean, Fred MacMahon, Willie MacDonald, Stanley MacDonald, E. Robichaud, Arthur MacDonald, Bessie Crocker, and G. E. Duplessis, Marie Hare, and many others, donated by James Reginald Wilson, 1974, Miramichi area, New Brunswick. Accession consists of eleven tape reels containing approximately 125 songs and ballads dubbed in the early 1960s from Louise Manny’s original acetate disc field recordings (1950s-1960s) which are collectively known as known as the “Lord Beaverbrook Collection of New Brunswick Folksong.” The tape copies were supplied by Wilson in conjunction with the National Museum of Canada which also has taped copies. Singers include MacDonald, Ramsay, Coughlan, Tozer, Thibodeau, Stymiest, Campbell, MacLean, MacMahon, W. MacDonald, S. MacDonald, Robichaud, A. MacDonald, Crocker, Duplessis, Hare, and many others. Note: not all of the material is contained on these service copy reels. Text: 9 pp. brief catalog. Recordings: T 0794 – T 0797 / PM 0219 – PM 0227 3 hours.