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NOTE:  Registering for a Briefing does not obligate your attendance, nor does it necessitate cancelling the registration if you are unable to participate.  We are collecting registrations merely so we are able to communicate any changes to the event (e.g., if ZOOM is down, the Briefing is cancelled, etc) to any interested parties.  Thank you.

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July Briefings

Monday, July 20 at 3PM

August Briefings

Tuesday, August 4 at 3PM

Wednesday, August 19 at 11AM

September Briefings

Tuesday, September 8 at 3PM

Monday, September 28 at 10AM

October Briefings

Wednesday, October 14 at 3PM

Thursday, October 29 at 11AM

November Briefings

Tuesday, November 10 at 3PM

Monday, November 30 at 10AM

December Briefings

Thursday, December 17 at 11AM

Wednesday, December 30 at 3PM