Spencer Wood Transcript

My name is Spencer Wood. My company is Tip Whip LLC, and I am from Salisbury, New Hampshire.

Tip Whip LLC is a free ride-sharing service for college students that operates Thursday through Saturday 9 PM ’til 2 AM. No fees are assigned for rides, but tips are welcome. That way we ensure everybody gets home safe and sound.

We’ve moved over 18,000 kids in three semesters. With an app we should be able to expand across the US and hopefully help students no matter where they are.

I decided to do the Top Gun Program because I was a member of the Innovation Center during my undergraduate and my graduate days here and was pretty much living in here when I wasn’t in the classroom and in the library. I heard it through the grapevine that it was something that would benefit me.

At that stage I was looking for anything that could benefit me and get me forward. I can’t really explain how much it means to have advisers and mentors that are experts in various fields that I have no idea about. One of the biggest questions for young kids and especially startups in general is “Where do I start? Where do I go?”

Having the ability to have answers and people that can help you, guide you to the next step is really big. I would definitely recommend it to anybody that thinks they have a valuable business that they want to try to explore.