James J. Beaupré

James J. Beaupré, Ph. D, is the Director of Industrial Cooperation for the University of Maine.

In this role, he develops and coordinates strategic partnerships between the university and organizations and individuals throughout Maine and the world. James’ mission is to connect external partners with university resources to solve problems, support commercialization of UMaine research, and advance economic development in Maine. He works closely with a range of constituents, including companies, trade organizations, nonprofits, and communities.

James joined the Office of Innovation and Economic Development in 2011. He previously served as the university’s Innovation Engineer, and in that role was responsible for creating, communicating and commercializing meaningfully unique ideas for UMaine. James also taught courses in Innovation Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Originally from Madawaska, his scientific background is in paper making processes (specifically water removal) and he is a patented inventor in the field. James has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine (2007) and a Ph. D in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine (2012).