Hand Sanitizer

We are producing ethanol-based hand sanitizer using an FDA-approved formulation for hospital use only at this time. Our supply is limited, but we are ramping up production in collaboration with other Maine partners. If your hospital needs hand sanitizer, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go through WebEOC or contact your County Emergency Operation Center (EOC) to enter your request.
    If you do not know your organization’s rep or believe you do not have one, please contact your county emergency management office. A list of county-level offices can be found here. If you do have web-based EOC access, you may enter your request yourself here.
  2.  Request only what you need immediately and include your daily consumption rate, when submitting your request through WebEOC
    We are filling requests on an urgent need basis. Please ask only for what you need immediately and do not stockpile. We ask for daily consumption rate so that we can scale up our production to better meet your needs and provide for regular replenishment.
  3. Identify a single point of contact for your organization and provide that contact information via email to: UMSC19request@maine.edu.
    Please make the subject line: Primary contact for [Insert Organization Name]. In the email, please provide the name, email and phone number to best contact.
    We are creating a master list of key contacts at hospitals and patient facilities.

If you have any questions about this process, please email us at UMSC19request@maine.edu with a subject line identifying your organization and your issue.

If you work for a medical facility other than a hospital and need hand sanitizer, please send an email to UMSC19request@maine.edu. While we can only fill hospital orders at the moment, we are cataloging other requests.