The University of Maine Office of Innovation and Economic Development is dedicated to supporting new and existing businesses through innovation, economic development, and workforce development. We are committed to creating meaningful employment and improving the lives of people across the state and beyond through the university’s ongoing research and outreach. Every day, we strive to turn research and development activities into new opportunities that will create jobs and grow Maine’s economy.

Our work helps innovation across Maine grow, which creates future innovators and new jobs, and enhances the state economy. The office also is a primary and responsive liaison, facilitating the relationship between the companies and communities.

We link businesses and industry experts; facilitate commercialization activities, such as new innovations developed at UMaine; and help transfer university research and development into marketable products and services.

We empower students to pursue their dreams by providing them with both formal and informal learning opportunities focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, internships with businesses around the state, and incubation services such as office space and mentoring. 

The Office of Innovation and Economic Development strives to fulfill this mission in five ways:

1. Accelerating Businesses through incubation services and programs
2. Engaging Students through incubation services, academic course offerings, and internships
3. Community/Business Outreach & Impact though ongoing partnerships with organizations across the state
4. Tech Transfer though partnerships with business and faculty
5. External Partnerships & Projects (DIC) though the facilitation, enabling, support and protection of PIs and centers doing industrial work