EES Study Abroad Recommended Programs

Here is a list of programs that align well with the EES curriculum. Check back frequently for updates to this list.

  1. Go Beyond Abroad with Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL).CELL is based in Maine and offers unique study abroad programs focusing on a theme of “sustainability through community.”
  2. The School for Field Studies creates transformative study abroad experiences through field-based learning and research.
  3. Sunderland University The University of Sunderland is a university located in Sunderland in the North East of England.
  4. Lancaster University is located in North West England and is consistently rated as one of the top 10 universities in the UK.
  5. East Anglia Universityis located in Norwich, England with an interdisciplinary program similar to EES.
  6. National Outdoor Leadership School  NOLS offers numerous domestic and international programs that emphasize technical outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics.
  7. Student Conservation Association SCA provides semester and year-round hands-on conservation and service opportunities across the United States.
  8. Tropical Ecology + Conservation in Monteverde, Costa Rica through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Tropical ecology and conservation are taught through rigorous classes and fieldwork.
  9. The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) provides programs in HerediaPuntarenas, or San Ramon. Students can enhance their understanding of the Spanish language and their culture and focus on science courses from ecology, health sciences, and conservation biology.
  10. The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) has a program in Florianopolis, Brazil studying the beautiful sub-tropical island in one of South America’s most prestigious universities.
  11. The University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) gives you the ability to travel to Melbourne and Gold Coast Australia, where you can benefit from the beaches by learning to hike, surf, and snorkel while studying.
  12. The CIS Abroad program in Tropical North Queensland, Australia provides students with a top-notch opportunity to be close to the great reef, tropic ecosystems and experience the thick rainforests.
  13. The CIS Abroad program in Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica provides students with the opportunity to experience one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world, where there is a place to explore nearby volcanoes and rainforests.
  14. The CIS Abroad program in Cusco, Peru offers a summer experience allowing students to immerse themselves in cultural and religious discovery, while also learning about the rich diversity and ecosystems in the area.
  15. The CIS Abroad program in Quito, Ecuador gives students an opportunity in the summertime to discover one of the most diverse countries in the world, with Amazon Pacific beaches and Andes Mountains in the vicinity.
  16. The CIS Abroad program at Mahidol University, Thailand allows students to learn about efforts to replant mangroves and to explore ancient ruins with beautiful landscapes.
  17. The CIS Abroad program in the University of Cape Town, South Africa provides students with a landscape of stunning mountain slopes and an opportunity to get involved with important socio-economic issues.
  18. The School of International Training (SIT) Student Abroad program of Argentina: People, Environment, and Climate Change in Patagonia and Antarctica gives students the opportunity to explore vulnerable ecosystems impacted by human activity and climate change in South Patagonia and part of Antarctica.
  19. The School of International Training Student Abroad program of Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation gives students a chance to see one of the world’s most biodiverse countries and experience tropical ecosystems, conduct biological fieldwork, and study conservation.
  20. The School of International Training Student Abroad program of Iceland: Climate Change and the Arctic helps students see impacts of climate change on the Arctic and subarctic ecosystem and communities.
  21. The School of International Training Student Abroad program of India: Sustainable Development and Social Change allow students to explore the socioeconomic development shaping sustainable change through research and fieldwork skills.
  22. The School of International Training Student Abroad program at Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management is a chance for students to study Madagascar’s rain forests, dry forests, mangroves, and coral reefs  through their environmental challenges, conservation, and development in a biodiversity “hot spot.”
  23. The School of International Training Student Abroad program of Mongolia and Siberia: Nomadism, Geopolitics, and the Environment has opportunities to discover pristine natural environments where students can study environmental conservation and natural resource development.
  24. The School of International Training Student Abroad program of Panama: Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation has rain forests, coral reefs, highland canopies, and coastal mangroves where students can conduct research, hike the highlands, and explore Panama’s largest city.
  25. The School of International Training Student Abroad program of Samoa: Social and Environmental Change in Oceania allows the student to get diverse perspectives on the human dimensions of climate change and social transitions in the Pacific.
  26. The School of International Training Student Abroad program of Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology & Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management has opportunities to understand the ecological concerns and socioeconomic objectives in the vast wilderness and to discover the ecology and natural resource management in the coral reefs and coastal forests.
  27. UMaine’s Direct Exchange programallows students to pay tuition and fees at UMaine while living abroad. The following are programs that are most suitable for EES students to get the most out of their money and worldly experience:  In Australia: Deakin University, Melbourne; Griffith University, Gold Coast; and Edith Cowan, Perth. In the United Kingdom: University of East Anglia; Bangor University, Wales; Birmingham University; Lancaster University; and Aberdeen, Scotland.